MyMail is used around the world and while many installations are running with an English localization even more don’t. MyMail has always been translation ready and since the count of translations are growing an important change will come.

MyMail 2.1.10 changes the way languages are loaded

Updates available

From now on language files are no longer included in the plugin core but get loaded on demand.

If you have have updated to version 2.1.10 you will find an untranslated MyMail which is in it’s “native” language (en_US).

No worries, we’ll get them back!

You will notice an update indicator on your updates page.
Update translations
Just go to Dashboard => Updates.

Click on the “Update Translations” button to load the most recent translation of your language. If you don’t see this button the translations is maybe not available in your language or your WordPress installation has downloaded it automatically in the background.

WordPress will now download your localization.

translations updated

Whenever there’s a update to the translation available WordPress will automatically load it or – if you have disabled auto updates – you have to redo this steps.

Why this step?

Since the beginning MyMail shipped the language files with the plugin. Over time more and more languages where added and right now about 25 languages are available. With the increase of text strings in the plugin the size of language files have increased as well.

After removing the files from the plugin the file size went down from 11.5 MB to approx. 6.5 MB which is about 44%. Data storage is cheap nowadays but having a bunch of files for no use is not necessary.

Another important factor is relevancy. While in older versions MyMail’s languages only get updated with a new release from now on language files are updated separately.

You language is not available?

You must know I’m not capable of all the languages MyMail has been translated to :). I like to take the chance and honor the people around the world for contributing to the MyMail Translation Project. Thanks so much! It wouldn’t be as good without localization.

If you like to get involved sign up now at and bring MyMail a step further.

I’m on WP 3.6 or lower!

Well, first I have to tell you that you should update your WordPress, it’s easy. WordPress 3.7 introduced this feature and it works for all .org plugins and themes.

If you don’t like or can’t update you can always move the language files in the language folder of the plugin. This makes them available again.

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