For users who have many new subscribers each day it quickly gets annoying to receive a notification for each new fan. If you still like to know your subscribers you can now (since version 2.1.14) enable this option to get a nice summery of recent subscriptions.

subscription summery

This mail contains the seven most recent subscribers and a link to the others, a map with the location and a short summery about users destinations.

You can find this option in the newsletter settings on the Subscriber tab.

subscriber notification settings

If you prefer the old way and like to get a notification instantly choose “immediately” from the dropdown menu.

Change time of delivery

The delivery time of this notifications are always at midnight – depending on your setting – each day, week or on every first of the month.

If you know how to add custom code to your site you can change time. To get it during midday ( +12 hours)  you can add this snippet to your themes functions.php

function alter_delayed_notification($timestamp){
    //add time in seconds
    $timestamp += 12 * 60 * 60;

    return $timestamp;

add_filter( 'mymail_subscriber_notification_delay', 'alter_delayed_notification');

and for the unsubscriptions use:

add_filter( 'mymail_subscriber_unsubscribe_notification_delay', 'alter_delayed_notification');


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