MyMail 2.1 is a free update has a lot of new features. While most of them work without breaking anything some changes may need your attention.

New Forms Sections

MyMail 2.1 main feature change is the shift to forms which are stored in a dedicate database table.

Forms are now more easy to manage and can be found in the Newsletter sub menu. It’s easy to define fields, design and settings for each one.

The “Use it” section gives you a great overview how you can use your forms better. Also the new “Subscribe Button” can get accessed via this tab.

Subscribe Button

You can now offer you sign up form on any site, easily with a button, similar to a tweet or like button.

Test it now and to the MyMail newsletter.


Better Editor

Creating campaigns should be as easy as possible. A major point in 2.1 was the improvements of the newsletter creation.


Template Activation

If you have one of the available templates you can just activate them on the backend without the need of downloaded it from

Currently only my own templates are available but more are coming soon!


User Rating

MyMail Subscribers have now a rating. This is based on various factors like open, click and bounce rate. The higher the rating (from 1 to 5 stars) the earlier subscribers get the next campaign. So more engaging users get your emails even faster.

You can now also define segmentation rules based on the rating value.

Improved Dashboard Widget

The rewritten Dashboard widget show now you subscriber grows in the last 7 or 30 days.

Loading data via ajax has improved the loading time on your Dashboard as well.

More Stuff under the hood

Honeypots for Forms

Forms have now an additional spam prevention with a honeypot.

Segmentation with regular expressions

Segmentation is now even more flexible when using regular expression.

Do-Not-Track feature

MyMail can respect you subscribers Do-Not-Track settings to respect their privacy. Enable this option on the settings page

Ignoring Posts

If you use dynamic post tags you can exclude certain post with a mymail_ignore custom field.

Background images

Some background images in templates can now get changed like other images in your campaign.

Single Opt Out

Canceling subscription is now faster with a single click. Enable this option on the settings page.

Compressed Assets

All JavaScript and CSS files are now compressed via YUIcompresser to increase performance.

Bounce Handling for Confirmation

If confirmation messages bounce back MyMail can handle them and change the status of the user.

PHP version 5.3 is now required

MyMail uses third party libraries wich uses namespaces. Namespaces works only in 5.3 and above. If you still on 5.2 or lower you should consider updating cause 5.2 is no longer supported for over 5 years

Drop support for WordPress 3.4 and 3.3

MyMail supported WordPress since version 3.3 “Sunny” which has been released in 2011. With every new release of WordPress MyMail will drop support for the oldest one. So if WordPress 4.4 has been released the latest supported version will be 3.6. This doesn’t mean MyMail will not work anymore an older version but no further testings are made for this version.

Form name attributes changes

For better compatibility with third party apps MyMail no longer uses the userdata array in forms.

A form input field in MyMail 2.0 looks like

<input name="userdata[email]" type="email">

In MyMail 2 it looks like

<input name="email" type="email">

While MyMail 2.1 will check for the userdata variable and handle this to provide backward compatibility it’s recommended to update external forms to the new structure.

Getting Forms

In MyMail 2.0 you were able to interact with forms like

mymail('form')->set($ID, $key, $value);
mymail('form')->assign_list($ID, $list_id);
mymail('form')->unassign_list($ID, $list_id);

While this still works the method is deprecated and you should use

mymail('forms')->set($ID, $key, $value);
mymail('forms')->assign_list($ID, $list_id);
mymail('forms')->unassign_list($ID, $list_id);

In MyMail 2.1 the use of the first method will cause deprecated notice. Any other method which may worked before is not working anymore.

Full Changelog

  • new: update background images in campaigns like regular ones
  • new: subscribe button
  • new: time based auto responders can now get triggered when a certain amount of posts have been published
  • new: improved dashboard widget
  • new: single-sign-out
  • new: do-not-track feature
  • new: subscriber rating
  • new: add “mymail_ignore” post value to bypass post in campaigns
  • new: option to get notification on unsubscribes
  • new: frontend social icons
  • new: shortcode for subscribers count
  • new: premium template activation and update right from the templates page
  • new: new custom field type: textarea
  • new: added honeypot to forms
  • new: receivers segmentation ratings, forms and referer
  • new: receivers segmentation by regular expressions
  • new: Distraction-free-writing similar to WP natives feature
  • new: bounce handling of transactional mails like notifications
  • new: allow users to update their data via any form
  • new: option to delete WordPress User if Subscriber gets removed
  • new: tags {post_category[term]:-1} displays a list of terms
  • new: webversions now respect “Search Engine Visibility” settings
  • improved: campaign editor
  • improved: view on mobile devices
  • improved: handling of object caches
  • change: forms have now their matching field name in name attribute (backward compatibility given)
  • change: tabindex on forms removed
  • change: remove option “embed_form_css”
  • change: forms now always ajax based if JavaScript is enabled
  • change: only post_status of finished and Active on the archive page
  • change: required class changed from “required” to “mymail-required” on forms to prevent conflicts with other plugins

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