New Subscriber Notification Options

on 2016-06-13 in Features

For users who have many new subscribers each day it quickly gets annoying to receive a notification for each new fan. If you still like to know your subscribers you can now (since version 2.1.14) enable this option to get a nice summery of recent subscriptions.

Changing the Auto Tag Output

on 2016-06-01 in MyMail, Tutorial

auto featureIf you regularly include dynamic posts in your campaigns you are familiar with the auto feature of MyMail. To change the content of this feature you can add a simple function in your themes function.php file.

Translations in MyMail

on 2016-02-29 in Features, MyMail

MyMail is used around the world and while many installations are running with an English localization even more don’t. MyMail has always been translation ready and since the count of translations are growing an important change will come.

Creating a series in MyMail

on 2016-02-08 in Series, Tutorial

Creating a series of newsletter campaigns is a good way keep your subscribers engaged with your service. But what is a series and how do you make it in MyMail?

In this tutorial we cover the basic steps of creating a series in MyMail.

New in MyMail 2.1

on 2016-01-19 in MyMail

MyMail 2.1 is a free update has a lot of new features. While most of them work without breaking anything some changes may need your attention.

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