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  • create
  • send
  • track

Easy and intuitive interface

All campaign specific settings are easy to access on a single page. You can change all of them even if the campaign has already began

  • Add different modules and build your layout
  • change text, images and buttons and link them
  • change colors and add background images
  • Specify subject and preheader
  • preflight your mailing with a click of a button.
  • schedule your campaigns to send them right on time

Creating newsletters has never been so easy. If you familiar with WordPress posts you can create your next campaign as easy as you publish a new blog entry.


Intuitive way to define content

MyMail offers a straight way to change the content and let you immediately see how your campaign will look.

  • add, duplicate or move modules to define your layout
  • double click to edit text, images and buttons
  • add images via the WordPress Media Manager
  • use placeholder tags to send personalized messages
  • insert your latest post easily with a few clicks
  • preflight your mailing with a click of a button.
  • schedule your campaigns to send them right in time

Never newsletter creation has been so easy. All located on your WordPress site. All data owned by yourself


Let MyMail send your campaigns

Define auto responders for future issues of your newsletter campaigns.

  • subscriber based auto responders for sign ups and unsubscribes.
  • action based auto responders to send campaign when your new posts have been published.
  • time based auto responders to send latest post in a defined interval.

No matter if post, page or any custom post type: send the latest to your subscribers right when they were published – automatically


Mobile friendly

Don’t lose customers because they open your mailings on the way. MyMail template are made to work good on smartphones.

  • all modules are responsive
  • quick preview your campaign with a single click
  • send a test mail to your phone.

Mobile email usage is constantly increasing. In 2011 smartphones have finally outsold PCs. MyMail is prepared for the next decade


Track Opens, Clicks, Unsubscriptions and Bounces

Now it’s easy to keep track of your customers. Who does opened when and where your newsletter? Track undeliverable mails (bounces), Countries, Cities and know exactly who is interested in you mailings.

  • totals, sent, opens, clicks and bounces – on a single screen
  • clickable world map to check in which cities your audience is located
  • detailed view for every subscriber to see their reaction
  • clickmap to visaulize which links have been klicked and how often
  • see who doesn’t open your mails and start a new one by duplicate

Extend MyMail and see who opens your newsletter in realtime!
Only with Live! for MyMail


Quickly import your subscribers

Managing subscribers with MyMail is a easy. Just upload your CSV and assign the columns. You can also

  • import your current WordPress users
  • export subscribers with specific status and lists
  • check pending subscribers who didn’t confirm yet
  • bulk delete all subscribers or just with a specific status

If you country demands to remember the signup time and IP address you can do this as well


Newsletter templates just how they should be

MyMail comes with a robust, responsive and easy to modify template but if you need more you can choose from one of these

All templates are responsive, fully tested with Litmus and offer a wide range of different modules and color variations

What people say

This is surely one of the most professional WP plugins I have ever seen. The interface is really nice and “fool proof”, and quite easy to get hold of. Settings needed to be done are few, and worked out-of-the-box for me. Bought an additional template, which was really simple to make your own adjustments to. Contrary to my fears, it steals very little PHP-memory, and once I disabled Ajax for front end forms, the load time isn’t really affected at all…

your plugin is by far the best Newsletters plugin!

Excellent work! I tried several newsletter plugins before, but never was satisfied with the workflow. This one looked good – and after two month with daily newsletters I can say: It turned out to be the best so far – especially combined with MyBusiness. Support was only needed once – and it was very very quick. Thanks Xaver!

You have made a GREAT JOB!!! Very Compliment. I bought Mymail and metro template. FABULOUSE.

I just wanted to say I love this Plugin. Install was simple, and the whole thing worked right out of the box. I have over 22,000 subscribers in my list and was using php list for my emails. Your plugin has made the whole thing much easier and a whole lot better looking email.
Many thanks for a great tool.

Beyond Awesome! Thank you very much! 5 Stars coming your way!

A special thank you to Revaxarts for assisting on fixing an issue related to an outdated WP installation, from logging the ticket to the intense followup, great support! Thats besides the awesome plugin functionality!
Thank you!

Perfect work! This is a 5-Star Rating Item. More is not to say!
You can trust me…I did see and test a lot of newsletter systems and we use a large system also (over 1K $ Invest) on a own server. This here has about 95% of its functions with…even easier handling…for such small price.

Just some feedback after purchasing both the MyMail Plugin, and the Metro Newsletter.
Its been 45 minutes and both are installed (very easy) and I’ve created 2 campaigns look amazing.
Our firm has handled the e-mail marketing for political campaigns for over 7 years and the combination described above (MyMail Plugin and the Metro Newsletter) trumps anything I’ve ever seen.
Great work!

… What a great WordPress plugin. …
by user stkeys

Options as much as you need

MyMail offers a hug set of options so you can customize everything you need. If you don’t like to dig into settings MyMail works mostly “out-of-the-box”

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